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Why Hindalco Everlast?


Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets can withstand the harshest weather. Being corrosion-resistant (when used with aluminium alloy accessories), these sheets offer unmatched protection and peace of mind for a lifetime.

No Maintenance

Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets do not require any maintenance irrespective of the climatic or environmental conditions. Anti-corrosive properties keep them unaffected even during the monsoons.

100% Rust Proof

Aluminium never rusts due to its innate unique properties. Hence, Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are widely used in aggressive and corrosive atmospheres in preference to galvanised steel.


Due to their anti-corrosive property, Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets offer an everlasting shine. This feature ensures you get a unique combination of everlasting protection and lasting aesthetic appeal.

Light, But Tough

They epitomise one of aluminium's outstanding properties as a building material, due to their lightness. They are about 1/3rd the weight of corrugated galvanised steel sheets and 1/7th that of standard asbestos corrugated sheets making them easy to handle and install.

Better Thermal Insulation

Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are ideal for roofing because of their thermal insulation property. Though aluminium is a good conductor of heat, its very high reflectivity of radiant heat and light (75 - 80%) keeps the temperature 6º C cooler in summer, while its low emissivity cuts the heat losses in winter.

No Creep Damage

Unlike heavier materials like lead and zinc, aluminium supports its own weight in widely varying temperatures without creep or damage to the roofing sheet. It is therefore suitable for both low and high pitched roofs. Due allowance should however be made for thermal expansion and contraction which is more for Aluminium than for galvanised iron.

No Health Hazards

Premises intended for the storage, handling and preparation of food and beverages demand non-toxic, non-absorbent and clean surfaces. Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets satisfy all these requirements, and are hence preferred. Moreover, Hindalco Everlast is also devoid of bacterial and fungus infections.

Easy and Fast Fabrication

Structures using Hindalco Everlast can be dismantled, transported and re-erected at a different location with ease. Since aluminium is not brittle, Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets do not break or crack during or after erection.

Safeguards Against Wind and Lightning

Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are strong enough to resist wind forces specified by IS:875. They offer the safest possible shelter during electrical storms, provided there is adequate earthing.

A Variety of Colours and Finishes

Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are available in many attractive colours, finishes and textures to suit every requirement. So, whether it is for an industrial shed or your home, you'll always get a fitting roofing solution.

High Resale Value

Even after years of usage Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets don't lose their value. Since they do not suffer any wear and tear, you can, at any time, recover up to 60 per cent of the money you've paid for them.

Fire Resistance

Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are non-combustible and non-flammable. They are also non-sparking as per BS476.

Green Metal

Aluminium is a green metal that's extremely eco-friendly and recyclable.